When it involves water, onshore and offshore producers require advanced technologies, engineering and design proficiencies and project management expertise to help control costs, reduce risks, maximize performance, ensure safety and quality, lower water consumption and meet all safety and environmental compliance parameters.


At HydroTech we provide an immense amount of knowledge and expertise obtained through years of service and data proven results from over 800+ Oil & Natural Gas Wells, in virtually every major shale play, and over 2.5 billion gallons treated. We apply this knowledge in every project we receive in order to identify the necessary water treatment technology needed for our client.

Depending on the water characteristics, field limitations, and discharge requirements, our systems can be custom-designed to meet the unique needs at each project site. Our lab and pilot testing capabilities are a valuable resource to confirm design parameters that the system or process will perform as specified.




By piped systems or by truck, we can effectively treat all of clients water produced daily at centralized location, or locations, and store at designated tanks or pits until needed. We also provide Water Quality Management in these situations and provide our customer with continuous reports on quality, quantity, and any additional measures needed to retain acceptable treatment levels in stored water locations.




In addition to our Mobile Ozonix Units, HydroTech can provide additional mobile or non-mobile on-site treatment systems that best fits the situation.

HydroTech can provide systems for SWD locations where we can utilize our chemical free treatment process, Ozonix, and treat all water before being injected down hole. This in turn removes the Health and Environmental risk involved in storing hazardous chemicals on site for treatment purposes. Combined with our integrated software, our systems can monitor water quailty changes and make adjustments as needed to ensure proper treatment is taking place.

For remote well site locations that are hard to reach, costly disposal or no disposal near, HydroTech can provide a mobile based system that allows us to pull up to on-site tank batteries and treat water to approved discharge standards. Thus minimizing truck traffic, road maintenance, and provides clients with water they can reuse in most every operational situation or an asset to provide surrounding land owners with usable potable/non-potable water.




In addition to on-site treatment capabilities, we offer our clients with the most efficient and cost effective off-site treatment options to provide them with quality water. By doing so we can reduce clients costs by helping them utilize their produced water in an area for reuse in their next frac. In turn this will lower injection rates and costs, consumption of freshwater in challenging areas and the high purchase costs for freshwater that come along with it.




Utilizing our Mobile Ozonix Technology HydroTech Professionals provide its clients with the option to treat their water on-the-fly at high rates in order to disinfect water and oxidizes iron and sulfides without chemicals that can be incompatible with frac fluids.

With our unique ability to manifold multiple Ozonix units together there is no rate we cant reach, whether it be a 20 bpm flow rate or a 120+ bpm flow rate we can provide the correct equipment necessary to effectively treat our clients source water. In order to assure optimal treatment is being met our Mobile Ozonix units are equipped with accurate real-time quality measurement of influent and effluent water, which enables us to rapidly adjust to source water variations and assures consistent frac water quality. With our Mobile Ozonix units, we can easily be implemented into our clients process at any location between water source and well site. This gives you the ability to have your water treatment offsite and save precious space on crowded well pads for other equipment and personnel.

All Mobile Ozonix units are Ozone based, chemical free applications that lower environmental risk, lower chemical costs, remove compatibility issues associated with chemical treatment methods, condition water to allow lower pumping pressures and reduce or eliminate Friction Reducers needed, and produces zero waste stream for operators to dispose of.